For those who dare to want it all
and work hard to have it all.

I believe I am the creator of my own destiny. As a matter of fact, I believe we are all born creators. Every day shaping and forming our divine destinies with each and every decision and action we take. As women, we hold within us the most powerful creative force in the universe. It is up to us to create the future we desire.


For almost a decade now, I’ve been coaching women around the world, helping and assisting them in becoming the person that they always knew they could be. 


I’d love to have the opportunity and privilege to help YOU now!

The Yearly Creator is a powerful yet easy-to-use system designed to help highly scheduled people find balance, focus, productivity and most importantly, fulfillment. Its mission and purpose is to help you better organize your time, your mind and your environment to finally be able to create the life you dream of.

This yearly workbook and planner will help you create, plan and organize your year. The multiple coaching worksheets will also allow you to coach yourself, and all throughout the year, better yourself. If you are looking for an all-in-one, functional and efficient yearly planner, the Yearly Creator was made for you!

With a classy, stylish and timeless marble type cover, the Yearly Creator combines fashion and function.

May The Yearly Creator assist you in having the best year of your life.

Pyramids and Triangles hold special powers. The triangle is considered the most stable of forms and is comprised of 3 sides. Three symbolizes the trinity of life, of substance, intellect, and the force which drives it. It is the point where matter and consciousness connect to the higher realms.

At A.V.A. Enterprises, we strongly believe that we’re all beings of energy and everything that is around us affects our reality and the creation of our future.

This is why The Trinity Notebook was invented. A sacred placed where you can write and plan your important ideas and projects and see them come to full fruition.

Draw off the powers of the triangle to manifest your ideas to life.

Over the years, I’ve created many organizing and planning tools that have allowed me to manage my international coaching business which has over 5 divisions, as well as my personal and social life. I’ve managed to keep everything together while launching programs, writing books, creating products, building an audience, and traveling for business almost every month, while at the same time, enjoying weekly visits to the spa, spending time with family and friends, traveling for fun all winter, and grabbing a drink and delicious dinner at my favourite restaurants at least 3 times a week.

The Project Board is where I organize my important projects in different categories and plan the steps I need to take every 90 days. 

This is the perfect dry-erase board to keep track of all your projects, tasks and ideas! Use different coloured adhesive notes to organize your tasks and keep a beautiful visual log of all the things you and your team have to do!

Being a businesswoman, CEO of a world-class coaching institute, bestselling author, international speaker, host and producer of AlexandraTV and overall passionate and creative being, planning and organizing are fundamental and essential parts of my life. 

Over the past few years, I’ve been testing different systems, agendas, planners and organizational tools to better organize and plan my days, weeks, months, years and multiple projects. But after trying most of what is out there in terms of time management and organization tools, I’ve realized that what I needed had simply not been created yet… That’s when I decided to launch my own line of time management, planning and organizational tools and products for those who dare to want it all and work to have it all.

By combining my life coaching skills with my business experience, I’ve created planners that will not only help you plan, manage and organize your life and time but also improve, grow and coach your own self. A.V.A. Creations is a line for anyone who wants to create the life of their dreams, a day at a time, a week at a time, a month at a time and a year at a time.